Breakfast is, without a doubt, the most important meal of the day. After a good night’s rest, you might be in a bit of a rush to get to work, get the kids to school, and do whatever else has to be done first thing in the morning. This sense of having to rush to get things done right away in the morning is an inescapable part of life in today’s world, but amidst all of this rushing to get things done, there’s no denying the importance of a healthy and well-balanced breakfast.

Best Breakfast food

It can be so incredibly easy to overlook this aspect of your morning, but making sure that you fit in time for a solid breakfast each morning can do a lot to improve the overall quality of your day. However, as with any meal, there are choices upon choices for you to choose from.

Grabbing a bowl of cereal each morning is one of the quickest ways to get some food down in the morning, but this isn’t always the healthiest or tastiest way to get your breakfast in. Things like pancakes and sausage are certainly tasty, but they’re also quite time-consuming. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the best breakfast food out there. The food on this list is tasty, easy to prepare, and can also be quite healthy depending on how you prepare it.


Eggs are one of the most classic breakfast foods out there, and it comes with good reason. Eggs can be prepared in a number of different ways, including scrambled, boiled, over easy, sunny-side up, and more. Along with a wide variety of ways to prepare them, eggs are also incredibly tasty and absolutely packed with high-quality proteins, minerals, nutrients, and food - eggs


Smoothies are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices out there for a breakfast meal, as they’re incredibly easy to make and can be thrown in a travel mug to drink while on the way to school or work. There’s no right or wrong way to make a smoothie, and you’re only limited by your own imagination when it comes to making them. Smoothies are a great way to get a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables, and even with a heap of healthy ingredients in them, they can still taste incredibly food-smoothie

Oatmeal with dried fruit

Although oatmeal is an extremely healthy breakfast food for you, there’s no getting around just how boring oatmeal on its own can be. While companies try to spruce it up with different flavors and such, it still often times remains tasting a bit bland and unattractive. One quick and effective way for sprucing up oatmeal is by adding dried fruit to it! Both dried fruit and oatmeal are some of the healthiest options out there, and when combined, they can create for a rather tasty breakfast option! Thanks to the wide variety of different oatmeal and dried fruit that’s out there, this is another food option where you have the ability to get really creative with how you decide to prepare this. There’s a heap of different combinations that could be made, and that’s part of what makes this such a great option for food-oatmeal

Fruit salad

If you’re slacking on your fruit intake, one of the best times of the day to boost this up is at breakfast. And, one of the best ways to do this is through a fruit salad. While every fruit on its own offers a fresh and unique flavor, they can create for something truly special when thrown together in a bowl all at once! Grapes, apples, raisins, strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, and kiwis are some of the most popular options out there, and since all you have to do is cut up the fruit and put it into a bowl, the prep time here is next to


Along with eggs, toast is another one of the most iconic breakfast food items. However, toast is unique in the fact that it can act as a transportation device for some truly delicious flavors. While butter is the most common spread to put on toast, added things like peanut butter, jam, jelly, and even Nutella can create for some excellent flavor profiles. And, if you want to crack down on eating healthy foods, opting for whole wheat bread over white can be a great move to food-tost

Enjoy your breakfast!