Trying to find healthy and tasty food options can sometimes be one of the most challenging tasks out there. Eating right and putting good ingredients in your body is critically important to a long and healthy life, but trying to find appetizing ways to get said ingredients into your system is one of the biggest challenges you will face when trying to start a healthier lifestyle.


There’s no shortage of healthy groceries out there for you to eat, but finding tasty ways to consume these isn’t necessarily the best task out there. If you find yourself facing this challenge, you might be interested in checking out smoothies.

Smoothies are great ways to create a healthy and tasty concoction for yourself (or family), and can greatly vary in both taste and substance depending on what kind of ingredients you put into them.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best smoothie groceries out there. The way that you make a smoothie is only limited by your creativity, so here are some great options to help you get things started.

Coconut Meat

One of the tastiest and healthiest grocery items out there to put in your smoothies is most definitely that of coconut meat. The meat of a coconut is far less talked about that the oil or milk that comes from the item, but the meat is actually one of the best parts about a coconut. Coconut meat is backed to the brim with plenty of fatty acids, and is also naturally hydrating and alkalizing. When put in smoothies, coconut meat helps to add a really great smooth texture to your drink, and makes it taste incredibly creamy and buttery. It’s a true delicacy, and there’s even more evident with its high price tag. However, despite the higher cost, a little bit of coconut meat goes a long way when put in a smoothie. You need just a small amount of meat to create a big amount of


If you want to make your smoothie as healthy as you can, there’s simply no ignoring the importance of protein when constructing your smoothie. When using protein, you want to go for something that’s plant-based. With that said, your best options are going to come either with rice or hemp protein.

Rice protein has a large amount of enzymes in it that creates for a nice, natural flavor to your overall smoothie. On the other hand, hemp protein is even more powerful. This stuff packs in 8 out of the 10 amino acids that your body is unable to create on its own, and on top of that, it also features both omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.


Goji Berry Powder

If you’re working with a smoothie that has a lot of blueberries or other sweet flavor, one of the best ingredients that you can add is goji berry powder. Goji berry powder originates from the Himalayas, and along with its tart taste, it is fully equipped with plenty of antioxidants, protein, and a healthy amount of vitamin A. You really don’t need more than a tablespoon of goji berry powder when using it in your smoothies, and if powder really isn’t your thing, you can simply purchase sun-dried goji berries if that’s more your cup of

Raw Cocoa

If you are a chocolate-lover, you’re going to greatly appreciate this final item on our list! Consuming chocolate candy and cookies is a blast, but these chocolate options are often times incredibly unhealthy food items to put into your body. If you have a craving for chocolate but are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, fear not! Raw cocoa is a great way to add a boost of chocolate flavor to your smoothie without losing any of the health benefits.

In fact, raw cocoa is actually loaded with a load of health benefits. Raw cocoa is the leader of the pack when it comes to packing in a large amount of antioxidants, and it’s actually a great, natural source of energy

While there are plenty of other great groceries out there that you can throw into your smoothies, this should be a great way for you to at least get the ball rolling. There’s no right or wrong way to make a smoothie, but using the ingredients we talked about today will definitely help out in regards to making your smoothies as tasty and healthy as possible.

Enjoy your smoothie!