10 Easy Tricks To Cut An Onion Without Tears

Onions are used worldwide to start a vast array of recipes.  While their flavors vary from savory to sweet, they all have one thing in common. They are pungent and strong smelling. This causes most people to tear up when they peel of cut onions. To understand how to cut onions without crying, it may help to understand the science behind this phenomenon. Simply put, onions are a root vegetable. As they grow underground, they absorb small amounts sulphur that naturally occurs in the soil.  When mixed with the onion, this morphs into amino acid sulfoxides.  When you cut...

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Best Breakfast Food

Breakfast is, without a doubt, the most important meal of the day. After a good night’s rest, you might be in a bit of a rush to get to work, get the kids to school, and do whatever else has to be done first thing in the morning. This sense of having to rush to get things done right away in the morning is an inescapable part of life in today’s world, but amidst all of this rushing to get things done, there’s no denying the importance of a healthy and well-balanced breakfast. It can be so incredibly easy to overlook this aspect of...

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How to Make Kids Eat Healthier Food

Eating healthy is, without a doubt, one of the most important and effective ways to keep your body healthy and well. Putting good foods into your body may seem like a miniscule act, but it can result in you having a clearer mind, maintaining a healthy weight, having more energy, and so many other things. However, as you probably are very well aware, eating the right foods isn’t always the easiest thing to do. With busy schedules between work and school, it can be oh so tempting to stop by a fast food joint and grab a burger and fries for dinner. If...

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Kids – Little Chefs

When you come home from a long day of work, it can often be easy to simply throw something together for dinner by yourself in order to get food on the table as fast as humanly possible. You’re hungry, your spouse is hungry, and – most importantly – your kids are hungry. However, getting your kids involved in the kitchen as early as possible can go a long way in benefiting your children in the long haul. Getting you kiddos involved with you while you’re cooking can help them develop an interest in food, and along with sharpening their creativity, it can also make...

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Best Smoothie Groceries

Trying to find healthy and tasty food options can sometimes be one of the most challenging tasks out there. Eating right and putting good ingredients in your body is critically important to a long and healthy life, but trying to find appetizing ways to get said ingredients into your system is one of the biggest challenges you will face when trying to start a healthier lifestyle. There’s no shortage of healthy groceries out there for you to eat, but finding tasty ways to consume these isn’t necessarily the best task out there. If you find yourself facing this challenge, you might be interested in...

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