There are few things better than a cold drink on a warm day. The problem is that it can be difficult to get ahold of a cold one when you’re far from your refrigerator. Even if you take a drink directly from the fridge before leaving your house, it won’t be long before it returns to room temperature. That’s where coolers come in; they keep your drinks nice and cool even as the temperature rises. If you want to have a cooler that acts like a miniature fridge you can pack into your car, then it’s worth investing in an electric cooler.
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Electric coolers look like regular coolers at first glance, but they actually have built-in fans and cooling units that allow them to keep food and drinks cold without using ice. This is nice because it means the contents of the cooler can remain cool without you having to constantly replace the melting ice. It also helps you avoid the troubles that come from a cooler filled with water after the ice melts. Electric coolers give you all of the cold without the need to get anything wet and damp.

It’s easy to see why electric coolers are a smart investment for people who love to travel and enjoy cool drinks and food. It can be difficult to pick the right model with so many electric coolers on the market today. With names like Igloo, Knox, and Koolatron competing for your money it is harder than ever to settle on just one. That’s what we’re here for, to help you cut to the chase and find out what the top coolers on the market have to offer. All of our articles are researched carefully to provide you with all the information you need on one page. With that in mind, read on to find the perfect electric cooler for you.




 7-inch serrated blade stainless steel blade.

 Removable blade.

 0.75-inch maximum slice thickness.

 9.625-inch maximum food item length.

 100-watt motor.

 Die-cast aluminum housing.

 Includes slicer, serving tray, manual.

 8.54-pound slicer weight.

 10.3-pound shipping weight.

 15.5inches long, 10.375inches wide, 11inches high.

 Covered by one-year limited warranty.

 Accident protection plans available.


 The blade is a little on the smaller side. The seven-inch blade will suit people cooking for smaller families, but if you want to slice large items or use this slicer in a business setting, then you’re likely to find the blade to be too small.

 Takes some effort to clean. The slicer has a number of tight places near the blade where food particles can get stuck during slicing. This means that you need to clean carefully and regularly to keep issues from arising.

 The engine isn’t as powerful as it could be. The 100-watt engine keeps power usage down, but it also means that this slicer isn’t as powerful as some of its larger competitors. If you need to slice through especially hard food items, then this appliance can run into some issues.

 Can be dangerous to use if you aren’t careful. The design can be used safely if you follow the instructions possible but inexperienced and inattentive users may

 Requires regular lubrication. The gears that drive this machine are prone to issues if they aren’t lubricated on a regular schedule. This requires an extra layer of monetary investment and physical effort on your part.

 The standard, serrated blade can cause issues. This slicer comes standard with a serrated blade, which can be a bit noisy and cause a mess. Serrated blades can tear at the meat and create debris that can mess up your working area and get stuck in the machine itself.

 The non-serrated blade costs extra. If you want cleaner cuts with a smoother blade, you’ll have to be willing to pay extra.

 Not for cutting every food item. This slicer can cut harder cheeses, but it can have issues with cheeses that are soft or prone to crumbling. The same goes for other food items; this slicer shouldn’t be used with just any food.

 Doesn’t come with a blade sharpener. If you want to keep the blade in top condition you will need to sharpen it, and since this slicer doesn’t come with a sharpener you’ll have to buy your own.


 Can achieve a very thin slice. If you want an affordable slicer that can achieve a very thin slice, this is a good choice.

 Runs quietly. The engine on this machine is quiet given its power. It’s great for use in a home or apartment where you want to prepare food without alerting everyone in the building.

 Constructed with quality materials. The blade is made of stainless steel while the body of the appliance is made out of cast-aluminum. These metals are made to withstand the stress of regular usage.

 Comes apart for cleaning. The parts of this slicer come apart easily and can be put back together just as quickly. The parts that can be removed include the blade, the food carriage, the pusher, the deflector, and the thickness guide. This makes it easier to thoroughly clean the machine.

 Made in the USA. This allows buyers to feel an extra level of confidence when it comes to the quality of the product.

 Comes with a one-year warranty. When you purchase this slicer new, you also get a one-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer themselves.

 Comes with a serrated blade, but a non-serrated option is available.

 Extra protection is available. If you plan on using your slicer for years to come, you can purchase additional accident protection. Choose between three and four-year plans. They cost extra, but both plans are very affordable.

 Fantastic for its price range. This slicer has budget pricing, but its design in construction goes above and beyond the call of duty.

An electric food slicer doesn’t need to be a bulky and loud piece of machinery to produce fantastic food slices. That’s just what the Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer proves; it’s a consumer slicer with plenty of power and precision. It has a 7 inch, stainless steel, serrated blade that can slice food like meat, cheese, and bread. The 100-watt motor saves energy and runs quietly; this is a slicer that is perfect for use in the home. That’s how this appliance is designed to be used. The slicer is powerful enough that it might be used in a small business setting, but if you’re looking to outfit a deli or restraint you might want to look elsewhere. Still, for the vast majority of shoppers the Chef’s Choice 609 is a well-rounded appliance that will produce fantastic results. We decided to give it our top option award because this slicer is the total package. Melissa

Editor, Cooking Expert



 7.5 –inch stainless-steel blade.

 Blade is both removable and retractable.

 Adjustable thickness.

 Cuts slices between 0.032-0.5 inches thick.

 Die-cast aluminum housing.

 180-watt motor.

 Covered by one-year limited warranty.

 12-pound shipping weight.

 11inches long, 9inches wide, 15inches high.

 Covered by one-year limited warranty.

 Accident protection plans available.


 Small blade. The blade is 7.5 inches in diameter, which is relatively small. This impacts the kind of food items it can slice effectively and makes it better for personal use than commercial use.

 Has trouble cutting meat as thinly as possible. The slices created by this slicer simply aren’t as thin as those produced by competitors.

 Has trouble cutting meat as thinly as possible. The slices created by this slicer simply aren’t as thin as those produced by competitors.

 Limited maximum slice thickness. If you want a thicker slice you might also have issues with this slicer. The maximum slice thickness is half an inch. That thickness will be fine for most, but people who like particularly thick slice of meat and cheese might be disappointed.

 Can’t cut food that’s under a quarter of an inch thick. The construction of the slicer means that the food it slices needs to be at least a quarter of an inch thick, which can cause issues. Even if you start out with a thicker piece of food, you can end up with a stub at the end that won’t get automatically sliced.

 Not for cutting soft and crumbly cheeses and loaves of bread. If you try and uses this slicer with some of the softer cheeses out there you’re likely to end up with a mess. Stick to firmer cheeses and make sure that you cool any cheese you intend to slice before you put it to the blade. The same goes for bread that is soft and prone to fragmentation.

 Cheaply made adjustment knob. The adjustment knob is the least durable piece of this machine, which is frustrating because if it starts to go, it can be hard to achieve the proper thinness when slicing.


 Sharp blade. The blade comes nicely sharpened, ready to slice cleanly and precisely.

 Great for meats. This blade is designed to slice through frozen meat with relative ease. Perfect for anyone who wants to prepare sliced meat in general or jerky in particular.

 Easy to use. After setting up this slicer and reading the instructions, you can start using this slicer very quickly. It’s a perfect appliance for a beginner who is looking to get started with food slicing.

 Compact. This isn’t a large appliance. In fact, it’s one of the most compact electric food slicers on the market. There’s a lot of power packed into this package despite its size.

 Capable of slicing a wide range of foods. You can cut meats, vegetables, bread, and hard cheeses with this slicer.

 Can be taken apart quickly for cleaning. The main parts of this slicer, including the blade, can be removed so you can achieve the most thorough clean possible.

 No tools required for cleaning. You can take this slicer apart for cleaning and put it back together with no tools whatever. No need to go through the extra time of finding your toolbox and choosing the right tools.

 Covered by a solid warranty. The slicer comes new with a standard warranty that covers factory defects for a year, as long as you keep the proof of purchase and use the product reasonably.

 Extra protection is available. If you want protection beyond the standard limited warranty, you can buy it at an affordable price. There are two accident protection plans available, lasting three and four years.      

Slicers don’t have to cost a fortune to produce quality results. The Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic is currently being sold at bargain prices but the work it does is superb. It’s easy to use and cable of slicing a wide range of foods. Almost anything besides especially soft and fragile foods can be cut with this slicer. This isn’t a perfect machine; it isn’t as powerful as some of its competitors and the slices it makes aren’t the thinnest possible. But given the pricing of this appliance and its many strengths, it’s still well worth your consideration. After we had compared the Elite Gourmet EMT-503B Maxi-Matic with other competitors in its price range we decided to award this slicer our best buy option. If you want to get the best slicer you can while keeping expenses to a minimum then this is a good investment. Melissa

Editor, Cooking Expert



 8.7-inch serrated stainless steel blade.

 Cuts slices up to9/16-inch thick.

 Removable carriage cover.

 Non-slip feet.

 180-watt motor.

 14-pound shipping weight.

 Covered by one-year limited warranty.

 Accident protection plans available.


 Not many parts and accessories available. When buying an appliance you should look at the parts and accessories sold by the appliance’s manufacturer, and Valley Sportsman doesn’t advertise any. This means that you need to take good care of the blade that comes with your slicer, a replacement that is compatible with the appliance might be difficult to find.

 The only blade available is serrated. If you want a straight blade to achieve a different type of cut you’re out of luck with this slicer. Valley Sportsman doesn’t produce a variant blade.

 It can be difficult to fully trust the manufacturer. The slicer itself is very attractive, but after trying to research the company behind it more and more, questions came up. There are many companies that go by the name “Valley Sportsman” out there, but the one behind this slicer doesn’t have a web presence. This might make customer service difficult, so purchase with caution.


 Made with high-grade stainless steel. The blade and certain parts of the slicer itself are made with stainless steel, which creates a device that is both powerful and durable.

 Capable of a wide slicing range. It can cut food quite thin or fairly thick. The thinnest slice is too thin to measure accurately, but the thickest slicing option is 9/16 of an inch. That’s nice and thick.

 Large thickness adjustment dial. There’s no need to fiddle around with a tiny dial to adjust thickness, the control on this slicer is large, easy to read, and simple to use.

 Can slice a range of different foods. Meats, vegetables, cheeses, and bread can all be sliced with this appliance.

 Good for soft and hard cheeses. While other slicers can only handle hard cheeses, this slicer can also cut up some of the softer cheeses on the market. Still, cheeses should still be cooled to firm them up before being put through this slicer.

 Has a built in food-paddle. This allows you to push the food without having to touch the food directly with your hands. This allows you to keep your hands safely away from the blade while you slice meat or other food products.

 Power switch lights up when it is on. This feature allows you to know when the machine is turned on at a glance. Even if you’re in a dark room you can know the status of your slicer.

 Comes with one-year limited warranty. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty on new slicers that lasts a year.

 Extra protection is available. Three and four-year protection plans are available for purchase. They cost extra, but the pricing is very reasonable.

Before you decide on a slicer you need to think about the sort of items you want to slice. This is because not all slicers are created equal, and many slicers have issues when it comes to cutting cheese. This is because soft cheeses tend to fall apart when they’re sliced, and small cheeses that make it into the nooks and crannies of a machine can melt and gum up the works. That’s why it’s important to know what sort of food products your slicer is cut out for working with before you put it to work. The 8.7in. Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat Slicer from Valley Sportsman is a slicer that is built to handle even softer cheeses. This is hard to find, so if you are especially interested in cutting cheese then this is a slicer that you need to look into. It has power, a sharp blade, and stainless steel construction.  One thing to note about this slicer is that its manufacturer, Valley Sportsman, is a rather enigmatic company. They don’t have a web presence and you can’t get accessories or replacement parts from them. They still offer a one-year limited warranty, but you should still take especially good care of this slicer’s blade because you won’t be able to quickly find a replacement if it breaks. Still, even with this issue the slicer itself is so likable that it’s easy to overlook these concerns. If you want to slice up your favorite cheeses without spending a lot of money on a professional-grade slicer, then this is a great choice to make. Melissa

Editor, Cooking Expert



 8.7-inch stainless steel, serrated blade.

 Adjustable slice width.

 Cuts slices up between1/8and9/16inches thick.

 Stainless steel housing.

 13.2-pound slicer weight.

 14.3-pound shipping weight.

 15.5-inches long, 10.5-inches wide, 11-inches high.

 Covered by one-year limited warranty.

 Accident protection plans available.


 A bit noisy. The motor driving the blade is noisy for its power level. It’s nothing too bad, but it can be annoying to use in a domestic setting.

 Needs to be operated in bursts.  You can’t run the blade for longer than 10 minutes. You need to give it time to cool down between slicing sessions, which might be too time-consuming for some professionals.

 Cuts slowly. To get a nice, even cut you need to move slowly. The pace won’t be an issue for most people who plan on using this slicer around there home, but in a business setting this can really slow things down.

 Cutting height is less than blade height. While the blade is nice and large only 6.5 inches of the blade actually cut. This limits the size of products it can be used to cut.

 Can be difficult to adjust. If you want to realign the blade or put it back in place after cleaning it can be difficult to get everything adjusted cleanly.

Spiked surface can be hard to clean. The spiked surface holds food in place, but it also likes to hold onto food even when the slicing is done. Be prepared to spend a few extra minutes cleaning the slicer because of this.

 Leaves half an inch of food un-sliced. There is a half inch gap between the blade and the guard that will result in leftovers in many cases. This can be frustrating if you want to slice every last bit of your food pieces or start slicing already thin pieces of meat or cheese.  

 No four-year protection plan. Other slicers have optional four-year protection plans available on them, but this slicer’s longest accident protection plan is three years.


 Comes with a sharp blade. You can start slicing through food with ease right out of the box.

 Slices a variety of food products. It can slice meat, cheese, bread, and vegetables.

 Adjustable slicing. It can produce slices that are between 1/8 and 9/16 inch thick. Adjusting thickness is simple and fluid; the control is completely painless to use.

 Spiked surface holds food in place. No need to worry about food sliding around as you slice it thanks to this design feature. Spikes stick up into the food and hold it down as slices are made.

 Comes with removable parts. The blade and the guide can be removed for cleaning. This allows you to clean as much of the slicer as possible without having to actually open it up. It’s also very easy to remove the parts for cleaning; you can get it cleaned up fairly quickly.

 Comes with one-year limited warranty. When you purchase this slicer new, you get automatic protection. It’s limited, but it lasts for a year.

 Extra protection is available. If you want to go beyond the one-year protection offered by the warranty you can. You can pay extra to get a protection plan that lasts two or three years.  

The FS-250 180-Watt Food Slicer with8.7-Inch Blade from Nesco is a machine that is great for serious home chefs and smaller culinary businesses. The 180-watt motor is powerful, and the 8.7-inch blade gives it plenty of cutting space for people who want to slice into larger products. The slicer comes with an especially sharp blade, a spiked surface to keep meat in place, and controls that are easy to operate. It’s not the sort of slicer that is ready to be used in a deli; it needs to be used slowly and given time to cool down between cutting sessions. Still, most people who want to do slicing in their home will find the FS-250 to be a fantastic machine given its size and price point. Melissa

Editor, Cooking Expert



 10-inch chromium-plated carbon steel blade.

 Cuts slices up to1/2inch thick.

 Contains two built-in sharpeners.

 Non-slip rubber feet.

 Double illuminated on/off switch.

 240-watt motor.

 Aluminum housing.

 Includes slicer, cleaning brush, oil, and manual.

 ETL, NSF, and FDA approved.

 20-inches long, 17-inches wide, 14.75-inches high.

 Covered by one-year limited warranty.

 Accident protection plans available.


 Large and heavy. Weighing in at over thirty pounds and measuring in as the largest slicer on our list it can be hard to fit this into a crowded kitchen.

 Not well-suited for private use. If you’re just looking to slice food for you and your family, then this slicer might be overkill. If you have a larger family or if you often throw parties then you might use its full potential, but most families won’t come close to its full capacity.

 Dangerously sharp. The self-sharpening feature means that the blade is always sharp as a razor. If you aren’t constantly vigilant, it’s easy to cut yourself, especially during cleaning. You should use cut-resistant gloves when cleaning this slicer.

 The guide is difficult to move. The guide can be adjusted but it isn’t as smooth as it should be. Takes some effort getting it where you want it to be.

 No serrated blade available. If you want to use a serrated blade you might have difficulty finding one that will fit this slicer properly. The blade included is smooth, and Beswood doesn’t sell a serrated replacement blade.


 Professional-grade. If you want to buy a food slicer for a business, this is the best slicer on the list for you.

 Made with high-quality materials. The steel used to make the blade is Italian carbon steel, not just any metal. When you buy a Beswood product you know you’re getting a machine made with high-grade materials.

 Built-in sharpeners keep the blades sharp. The blade is sharpened as the blade is in use, there’s no need for you to manually sharpen the blade like you might have to with other slicers.

 Easy to clean. The slicer can be taken apart, washed, and put back together even if you don’t have any tools.

 Easy to tell whether it’s on or not. The on/off switch is double illuminated, so you can tell whether the slicer is on. Even if one of the lights goes off or if the room is dark you can still easily see if the machine is on and therefore potentially dangerous.

 Comes with useful add-ons. 

 Comes with one-year limited warranty. When purchased new you also get parts and labor coverage for a year. Please read the warranty or contact Beswood for full warranty details.

 Extra protection is available. If you’re investing in a serious appliance like this slicer you shouldn’t settle for the basic warranty. The three and four-year accident protection plans might cost extra, but if you’re investing money in this slicer, then it’s also worth investing in all the protection you can get for it.

If you want to do a job the right way you need to make sure you have tools that are up to the task. That’s why electric food slicers like this one are on the market. The 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer from Beswood is designed for people who are serious about food slicing. The full product name mentions that it’s for commercial and home use, but it’s clear that this slicer is tailored more towards the commercial market. The 240-watt motor and 10-inch blade make this slicer the largest and most powerful on our list. It also has a built-in sharpener that keeps the slicer’s blade in top condition without any input from the user. Of course, everything has pros and cons. This slicer is also the largest and heaviest we’ve looked at, which means that it can be a little impractical for many homes. If you have a large family, you might be able to put this slicer to use, but if you just want to cook for family and friends this slicer can be overkill. This is a slicer for people who need a seriously powerful slicer. Melissa

Editor, Cooking Expert


 Blade Material

While electric food slicers have many parts the most important is clearly the blade. Even if the electronics and housing are made from the best materials available, if the blade itself isn’t high quality then you’re not going to see good results. Stainless-steel is standard for most quality slicers. Anything less than that should raise a red flag, such as a slicer with a blade made with standard steel, rather than stainless-steel.

 Brand Name

Before purchasing any kitchen appliance, you should try and learn something about the company behind the product. It’s easy to be tempted by generic products and their low prices, but if a company doesn’t have a track record you can examine then buying from them will be a gamble. If you want to shop with confidence, you should look for brand names that have years of experience to back up their claims.

 New or Used

Deals that seem too good to be true often are. The deals that look the best at first are often for used products. Buying used is always risky but purchasing kitchen appliances is an especially big gamble. Many people don’t know how to properly clean and maintain kitchen appliances, and a food slicer has many different areas where stray bits of food might get caught and cause issues. Used slicers might be cheaper, but if you care about quality your best bet is buying new.




Electric slicers are built around engines that spin the blade fast enough to slice through tough meat. Even the sharpest blade will have trouble slicing food if it is moving slowly. This is why you should look at how many watts a slicer’s motor draws. The more watts the engine uses the more powerful, it is, as a rule of thumb. Of course, at a certain point you get diminishing returns. If you are looking to slice food for your family then you don’t need an electric slicer with a super-charged motor, you just need one with enough power to get the job done. For most homes, anything above200watts is unnecessary, while professionals will want to look for slicers with motors that draw180watts or more.

 Blade size

One of the easiest ways to compare different slicers is by looking at blade sizes. After all, they’re usually listed in the product name! This can be a helpful factor to consider, but the size you want to buy really depends on what your needs are. If you want to cut slices from large slabs of meat, then you will need to either get a slicer with a large blade or cut up the meat beforehand in preparation.

 Physical size

It’s always worth figuring out how large a product is before you purchase it. Product images can be misleading, and no one can guess how large and heavy a product is just by looking at a small picture on a shopping site. Check the dimensions and the weight and compare the numbers with physical items you can find in real life. You need to make sure the product meets your needs. For example, if you run a catering company that is constantly on the move you need to look for a smaller slicer that you can move around quickly and easily.

 Food compatibility

If you’re used to cutting food by hand then you probably already know that not all foods cut the same way. Meat is one of the easier foods to cut because it’s so solid, while cheese can be one of the most difficult. Cheeses are soft and prone to breaking apart into plenty of small, messy pieces. If you want to cut cheese with your slicer you will need one with a sharp and high-quality blade. As a general rule of thumb, the cheaper your slicer is the more difficult it will be to slice cheese with it.

 User safety

A food slicer isn’t a toy; if you use it incorrectly you or your employees can end up seriously injured. There’s no replacement for careful behavior in the kitchen, but if you want to cut with confidence, then you should invest in a slicer that comes with safety features. One thing to pay attention to is the knife guard, which is the part of the slicer that covers most of the blade to prevent people from coming into contact with it. When you looking at a slicer, you should see if the guard can be removed or not. If you are running a business, then a removable guard is important. If you have to cut meat and cheese all day long then cleaning thoroughly and cleaning often is essential. Besides, your staff should be able to handle the procedure. On the other hand, if you are buying a slicer for your home and you have animals or small children then a permanent guard can help prevent accidents. The choice is up to you.

 Available parts and accessories

A well-built food slicer should last for a long time, with proper care. But eventually even the best-made appliances need to be repaired or maintained. Taking care of a slicer requires certain additional products, like sharpeners to keep the blade as sharp as it can be or replacement blades you can use if your original is truly worn out. Some companies produce a wide range of parts and accessories while others do next to nothing to support their customers after they’ve made their purchase. If you know you’ll be getting a lot of use out of your slicer then you want to make sure that there are plenty of compatible parts and accessories on the market to help you keep it in top condition for months and years to come.

 Purchase protection

When you spend your hard-earned money on a product you should be confident that you are getting your money’s worth. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen. Slip ups happen at top-of-the-line factories from time to time. This is why purchase protection, such as a product warranty, is so important. It’s a written promise that you will get the product you paid for. Without a warranty, you’re essentially gambling. You might get what you want or you might not, it’s up to chance. With a warranty, you have legal recourse. Just make sure you read the warranty, they’re usually limited, and so they don’t cover things like accidents and damage caused by improper use. Accident protection is often available, but it comes at an extra price.

 Brand name

If you want to know what you’re getting from a product, you should take some time to look at the people who made it. Products made by reputable companies can be trusted quicker than products that have no pedigree. Does this mean that you should buy a product just because of the brand name stamped on it? No. This should be one piece of a larger puzzle.


 Edge Craft

From their headquarters in Avondale Pennsylvania the Edge Craft Corporation creates the Chef’s Choice brand of kitchen products. The company was founded in1984and released its first product in1985.That product was an electric knife sharpener, which means they have over three decades of experience when it comes to kitchen blades. For that one product their company has grown to produce dozens of kitchen appliances and accessories. These include knife sharpeners, waffle makers, electric food slicers, and more. Their products are distributed to more than80different countries around the globe. In a field as competitive as the kitchen appliance market companies don’t survive for decades and spread around the world without producing quality products. Their line of electric food slicers has been around since1994, and they’ve never stopped developing their design. Today you’ll find their slier used in kitchens, delis, and restaurants worldwide. Part of this success comes from their experience making knives and electric knife sharpeners; everything they learned from those product lines has also gone into building quality food slicers at affordable prices.


The Elite Gourmet line of products is the series that the Maxi Matic Corporation is best known for. The company is based out of the City of Industry in California. They are well known for their small kitchen appliances. Their product line is incredibly wide. In addition to their electric food slicers they also sell toasters, air fryers, slow cookers, and more. While they produce an impressive variety of products at low prices it is hard to learn much about the company. Their website has plenty of product information but you can’t learn much about the business besides their official address. Without knowing much about the company’s history it can be hard to trust them fully. Fortunately their prices are fairly affordable, and when you add in the reputation of their individual products it’s easy to justify purchasing their slicers for private use. Businesses like delis, restaurants, and caterers might want to go with a more established company when making their purchase. Hopefully in the future Maxi-Matic explains more about who they are as a corporation.

 Valley Sportsman

The company known as Valley Sportsman is another enigmatic manufacturer. After looking at their8.7in.Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat Slicer it was clear that they deserved a spot on this list, but it’s hard to find out much about them. Despite the quality and popularity of their slicer the company maintains no web presence. It is possible to learn that besides food slicers they also make a meat grinder and hot dog roller. To sum things up, the quality of their food slicer earned them a spot on this list but it’s hard to say much about them. Given this lack of information buying from them involves certain risks, since you might not be able to contact them if you have issues with your new slicer. Only you can decide if this risk is worthwhile or not.


The Nesco brand represents a variety of different products, but it has a special focus on preparing meat. Their top products include appliance like roasters, dehydrators, grills, slow cookers and food slicers. If you want to make beef jerky they have everything you need, from a slicer to cut the meat, to spices to use to add flavor, and dehydrators to finish the job off. With this in mind, if you want to get a food slicer that can handle meat effectively then they are a good choice. The Nesco brand is operated out of Twin Rivers, Wisconsin.


The Beswood brand is based out of Australia, even though they build their products using Italian Steel. This can be attributed to their desire to create products using the best materials for the job. While many other companies. Another thing that separates Beswood from their competition is their focus on creating electric food slicers. While other companies might produce dozens of products Beswood focuses on just one. This is almost certainly because of their status as a newcomer on the scene, but it still offers some advantages over companies who have to spread their activities across a diverse product line. Beswood also seeks to separate itself from the pack by targeting the commercial sector. Their slicers are large and powerful enough for use in a deli or eatery that needs to cut pounds and pounds of meat every hour. Also, while other companies focus on designing their products and then outsource the production to outside factories, Beswood has its own factory. This allows them to have a higher degree of control when it comes to things like quality control. They might not be the largest brand name but they have plenty to offer anyone with a need for a professional-grade electric food slicer.


 Food you’ll be cutting

Most slicers can cut mean that is firm but not frozen. Other foods are a different question. If a food is soft or prone to making a mess you need to be very careful about slicing it. Cheese is a big one, people love sliced cheese but you have to be careful your slicer has a sharp enough blade and a powerful motor. Anything less might leave you with a big mess.

 Product dimensions

Never just look at a product picture and assume you know how large it is. You should look at the dimensions and compare to something in your kitchen. It’s important to know whether or not your new slicer will fit in your kitchen. You might have to move something around to fit it or move on to a smaller slicer. Of course, it’s also worth looking for a larger slicer if you want to slice into larger food products.

 Slice Size

How big do you want your slices to be? Should they be paper thin or quite thick? Different slicers have different ranges. Some go from one extreme to the other while others focus on one end of the spectrum. They all have a minimum and maximum width, make sure you know what those numbers are for a slicer before you make your purchase.


You should look at the power of a slicer’s motor if you want to know how powerful the appliance is. Even the sharpest blade will have trouble cutting if it is only rotating at 10 RPMs. Many design decisions impact a slicer’s power but in general the more watts the motor uses the more powerful it is, and the more powerful it is the quicker it will slice through even tough food. A powerful engine can even help cutting cheese, because a quick and clean slice is less likely to break apart the cheese and cause a mess.

 Cleaning speed

It’s important to keep your food slicer nice and clean. Leaving food residue stuck on the blade and in other parts of the machine is a recipe for mold and other disasters. You should be cleaning your food slicer regularly, but not all slicers take the same level of effort to get clean. Look to see how easy it is to disassemble the various parts of the slicer so you can clean them all individually. This can be a balancing act. If parts are easy to remove then they are easier to clean, but parts that are held together tightly might not allow food particles to slip in and become lodged as easily.

 Safety features

Who is going to be use your slicer? If you’re the only one who is going to be using, it then you need to think about your own ability to handle potentially dangerous appliances. Even doing something as simple and necessary as cleaning the slicer can be dangerous given how sharp the blade is. Safety features are especially important if you’re going to have employees use the slicer, or if you’re keeping it in an area where your children might be able to access it. When you’re in a home setting the more safety features a slicer comes with the better you are, as a general rule.

 Available accessories and parts

If you use your slicer regularly there will come a time when you’ll need to replace the blade. This can be very easy or very difficult depending on whether or not the manufacturer offers replacement blades. Some companies are good at providing their customers with valuable parts and accessories and others want you to buy an entirely new slicer if something goes wrong with the blade. You might save a lot of money shopping with a company that makes replacement blades easy to procure.


When shopping for accessories or parts for your food slicer, you need to make sure that what you’re ordering is compatible with the slicer you have. For example, you can’t just stick any blade into a food slicer and expect it to work. In general, you should try and buy parts and accessories made by the same company that made your slicer.

Chef`s Choice Non-serrated Blade

You should do your best to take care of your slicer’s blade, but eventually it will be a good idea to have it replaced. Remember that different slicers require different replacement parts. You should always try and get accessories and parts that are produced by the company that made your slicer, and even then you should make sure that the part will be compatible with your particular slicer. If you’ve got a Chef’s Choice slicer then you should buy a replacement blade from them. The blade we’re linking will work if you have one of their609, 610 or 615 food slicers.

 ChefsChoice Diamond Hone Sharpener for Electric Slicer Blades

A sharpening stone is another must-have if you’re going to be using your slicer often. Even the sharpest blades get dull with use, and to get your blade as sharp as it needs to be you’ll need a sharpener like this one. The model we’re linking to is for Chef’s Choice products. We might seem like we’re trying to promote them but that isn’t the case. They simply have a commitment to providing their customers with the accessories they require, advertising their accessories clearly while other companies need to be contacted directly if you want an accessory or replacement part.

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

When working with a sharp blade you can never be too careful. Even after you turn your slicer off and unplug, it you still need to worry about accidentally applying pressure to the blade with your hand and getting a nasty cut. One way to keep this from happening is by investing in a good pair of protective gloves. These gloves are designed to offer an excellent balance of flexibility and protection. You still need to be cautious with these gloves on, but if you slip up with these gloves on then you’re much less likely to need a trip to the emergency room.


  Read the manual

The best place to learn about your slicer is in its official documentation. We can give you general advice, but we can’t go into the details of each model we’ve looked at. If you have any questions about your slicer you should start by opening up the manual.

  Unplug the slicer before cleaning

Simply turning it off isn’t enough, if you want to clean safely and confidently, you need to unplug the slicer. As long as it’s still hooked up to a power source, the appliance may start running again, and if this happens at the wrong time it can mean disaster.

  Turn the slicer off before plugging it in

Make sure that the power switch is in the off position before plugging the device in. Even if the blade shouldn’t start automatically, you don’t want to take chances. This extra layer of precaution could save you from pain and injury.

  Wear gloves if you’re going to touch the blade

Even if the slicer’s blade isn’t in motion it can still cut you. Many professional-grade slicers are so sharp that the slightest touch can draw blood. Even if you don’t have a slicer that’s particularly fancy or sharp you should still wear protective gloves that will put some protection between you and the blade. And don’t just use latex gloves; consider investing in metal gloves that are designed to help protect people who are working with sharp objects.

  Clean the slicer regularly

When slicing food it’s easy for particles to go flying in all directions. They can end up stuck in parts of the slicer where you wouldn’t expect them to be. This is why it’s worth taking apart the slicer to clean individual parts with special attention.

  Clean the blade when switching from meats

Uncooked meats can be covered in bacteria that you don’t want to ingest. Don’t go from cutting meat to cutting cheese or some other food product without stopping to sanitize your blade. If you skip this step you can spread germs from the meat to your other foods that don’t need to be cooked.

  Be sure to use the right lubricant

It can be tricky to work on food-preparation machinery because the parts are all going to be very close to the food you’re working with. This means that you have to be careful about how the products you use on the machinery might end up affecting the food itself if something goes wrong.

  Keep the blade sharp

As you use your slicer the blade will become dull. High-end slicers come with built-in sharpeners, but if you have a consumer model, you’ll have to invest in your own sharpener. Keeping your blade sharp is a good way to extend its lifespan, think of it as an investment.

  Only slice boneless meats

You can’t just slice any kind of meat; you need to make sure you’re cutting meat that doesn’t contain bones or anything else hard. Accidentally slicing meat with bones still in it can damage the blade and lead to flying bone splinters that can harm you or your employees.

  Don’t slice food with seeds

Seeds might not be as hard as bone, but they can still cause issues. Seeds can damage the blade or end up flying through the air at high speeds. Either situation can lead to troubles so make sure that you don’t try and slice any fruit or vegetable with troublesome seeds inside of them.

  Cut food at the proper temperature

You’ll have a much better end result if you prepare your food before cutting it, but different foods should be cut at different temperatures. The clearest example is cheese, which can become a nightmare if it’s cut while it’s too soft. You can firm up cheese by cooling it off before cutting it. On the other hand, if you try to cut meat while it is still frozen it can damage the slicer. Food should be at a temperature where it is solid enough that it won’t break apart but not so hard that it will be difficult to cut.

  Use the slicer in bursts

If you can, you should try and avoid running the blade continually. This can lead to the motor overheating. Slice a bit of food, let the blade rest a bit, and go back to work. Read the instruction manual to find out how long you can run the slicer continually and how long you should let it rest between slicing sessions.

   Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you’re having issues with your slicer and you’re not sure what’s causing them, you need to know that it’s fine to contact the manufacturer. They might be able to work through the solution with you or they might point you in the direction of a professional who can come and look at your machine. This might be overkill if you opted for a cheap slicer to use for your family, but if you’re using a slicer for business purposes then you need to be willing to spend money to protect your investment.

There you have it, the top five electric coolers on the market and the information you need to choose between them. Each of the different coolers has strengths and weaknesses, but there are a few that serve their purposes especially well. The first is the Igloo 00040374 Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler, our top option pick. This cooler is the largest on our list, and it comes with enough power to keep its contents nice and cool for hours. If you’re willing to downsize in order to save money, the Wagan (EL6224) 12V Cooler/Warmer is worth a look. It hits a sweet spot when it comes to size and pricing. Of course, if you really want to save money and space the small but dependable Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer is worth a look.

Hopefully, you know which cooler you want by now, but if you’re still having trouble you should consider taking another look at the section of our guide on “Choosing the Best Electric Cooler for Your Needs.” Once you know what’s most important to you, it will be much easier to eliminate coolers that don’t fit your needs and hone in on the right model for you. We’ve narrowed things down to a five item list, but only you can decide which of those five has what you need.

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