When you come home from a long day of work, it can often be easy to simply throw something together for dinner by yourself in order to get food on the table as fast as humanly possible. You’re hungry, your spouse is hungry, and – most importantly – your kids are hungry.


However, getting your kids involved in the kitchen as early as possible can go a long way in benefiting your children in the long haul. Getting you kiddos involved with you while you’re cooking can help them develop an interest in food, and along with sharpening their creativity, it can also make them more aware and interested in healthy food options that exist.

With that being said, it can often times be difficult when trying to figure out just how to get your kids to help you. Not all recipes are very kid-friendly, but there are plenty of different options out there that are great ways to get your kids working alongside you when it comes time to cook up a meal for the whole family.

Sloppy Joe Sliders

Sloppy joes are one of the most iconic dishes out there, and believe it or not, they’re also one of the best ways to start getting your kids to help you out in the kitchen. When cooking with you kids, it’s a good idea to serve these on slider buns, as the small portions will be easier for your kids to help you out.

If you’ve got younger children, getting them to help you measure the ingredients and vegetables you’re going to be using can be a great and safe way to have them be involved. If you have older kids and are comfortable with them doing this under your supervision, allowing them to help stir the meat while it’s cooking can be a load of fun for everyone. Your kids will be learning important steps to know when making a meal, and the simple nature of sloppy joes mean that you won’t have to wait hours to eat! kids-little-chefs-sloppy-joe-sliders

Breakfast Tacos

If it’s a weekend morning or the kids have a day off from school, getting them to help you out in the kitchen when making breakfast can be an entirely different experience. Cereal and toast is a super easy option to go with, but breakfast tacos offer both nutrition and a fun creation process that you kids are bound to love.

Kids of any age can take part in this process, as there’s work to be done with measuring ingredients, cracking the eggs, and then whisking them to ensure that they get to that wonderful scrambled state.


Cheese Fondue

Most kids out there are fans of cheese, and most like dip as well. So, getting them to help you create a warm and yummy cheese fondue can be an instant recipe for success! With a dish like this, you will need to ensure that proper supervision is put into place when it comes to melting the cheese.

However, if you’re present and your kids are old enough, getting them to help you with this particular process can be a real treat for them. And, if you’ve got younger kids that you want to get involved as well, having them help you pick out side snacks to dip into said fondue can be just as engaging. This is a relatively simple dish to make, and can create for a great and fun snack when everyone is at home with nothing to do.kids-little-chefs-cheese-founde

Brownie Mixes

Making homemade brownies and other treats can be a blast, but it can definitely be a bit time consuming and difficult if you want to get your kids involved with the creation process as much as possible. However, getting your kids to help you with brownie mixes can be just as tasty and fun.

Brownie mixes are generally quite easy to follow, and your kids will be able to get involved quite a lot with this one. Between measuring ingredients, stirring together ingredients, and tasting the batter as you go along, this is easily one of the tastiest ways to get your kids to help you out, and it will more than likely have them wanting to come back for more!


While there are plenty of other dishes out there that your kids can help you with, these are some of the more engaging and fun ones out there. kids-little-chefs-final

Try starting out with these, and as your kids become more and more experienced, try testing them out with more complicated dishes. You might just have another Wolfgang Puck on your hands!