The Magic Bullet from NutriBullet is one of the best products on the market when it comes to a home blender or mixer. The innovative individual container system creates a much better ease of use, so it’s no wonder that the Magic Bullet is one of, if not the most popular blenders available today. With three cups included, two short and one tall, a recipe book, blades, and re-sealable lids, you are provided with everything you need to get started; and with many purchasable accessories, you can customise your Magic Bullet to get exactly what you want from it.

Brand Overview:

A branch of the Homeland Housewares brand, the NutriFamily brand has only been around for about a year, but since it’s founding NutriFamily has become one of the most popular and sought after products on the health food market. Homeland Housewares has been founded since 2003, and since then has grown massively, developing the NutriFamily in 2015. The NutriFamily offers a wide range of NutriBullet products, as well as recipe books, accessories, and superfoods for you to put into your smoothies for an extra boost. The NutriFamily brand may be young, but it has grown massively over the past twelve months, as is set to grow even more in the coming years.


 The Magic Bullet offers a wide range of features. The individual container system allows each member of the family to use the NutriBullet after each other, and with each cup fitting to its own blades, there is no need for rinsing in between, making the morning rush that much simpler.

 The smaller, more compact cups means that the Magic Bullet can easily blend and mix fruits and vegetables, as well as protein shakes. The blades can cut through both seeds and stems so there is no end to the possibilities of what you could make with this powerful little blender.

 The Magic Bullet can also blend your ingredients in only ten seconds by using the Bullet Cross Blade, which turns at an incredible 10,000 RPM, creating your smoothies, purees and soups much faster than other traditional food processors.

 The Lock On and Pulse mode allow you to control just how smooth you want your foods to be. For a smoother finish, the Lock On mode allows for hands free blending, whereas the pulse mode allows you to create a chunkier finish for things such as salsa or fresh soup.

 The sleek and stylish design offers three choices of colour, so you can be sure to get a Magic Bullet that fits in with your kitchen.


It is recommended that the Magic Bullet is replaced every six months, and this can get quite costly if you use you Magic Bullet quite frequently, as it is currently on sale for around $120.

 If the fill line is exceeded, or the blade is not screwed on properly, the Magic Bullet can leak and the product can malfunction.

 Many users have also found that the base of the Magic Bullet can break rather easily, and this further decreases the longevity of the machine.

 Many have also found that it can get very noisy the more it is used.

 Some customers have stated that getting the money back guarantee can be difficult, as all parts must be included, as well as the receipt. If you have the extended warranty, they may only repair your Magic Bullet, or give you a refurbished one, they will not replace with a new model.

 It is not recommended to have the Magic Bullet working for more than a minute, so things like nut butters are difficult to make in this blender, as they take much more time to be made smooth.


 With the specialised Bullet Cross Blade, which turns at 10,000 RPM, The Magic Bullet can create silky smooth smoothies and shakes in just seconds, ten seconds or les in fact.

 The Magic Bullet takes up about as much space as a coffee cup, removing the need for large, unsightly food processors.

 The many different modes allow users to decide just how smooth they want their foods, and the hands free mode allows cooks to multitask whilst their sauce or soup is blending away,

The method of blending your food is great for those of all dietary requirements. You can decide exactly what goes into your food, and the method of blending everything down allows your body to absorb all of the nutrients much easier than when it has to break it down.

 Blending wastes far less of the fibre in the fruits and vegetables that juicing, so you will not miss out on the important nutrients when using the Magic Bullet.

 All of the parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is a breeze. With no excessive rinsing in between uses, it is as easy to clean up as it is to use.

 The contained cup and blade system means that food prep is quick and easy to clean up, without the added mess of chopping boards and knives.

 The Magic Bullet is built to North American, US and Canadian Electrical Standards.

With some incredible features and glowing reviews, the Magic Bullet from NutriBullet is by far one of the best blander/mixer systems on the market. It completely pulverises a myriad of different foods, whether it is seeds, fruits, or vegetables, this blender has the power and the capacity to provide nutritious food for all the family. The Magic Bullet wastes none of the essential nutrients and fibres, so you will get all of the goodness from your food, with none of the waste of juicing. Whether you’re preparing your food or crating delicious smoothies, this is one of the most powerful and versatile blender systems available today, without the huge price tag of some of the best selling food processors. Available almost anywhere, you will definitely be able to find the Magic Bullet from NutriBullet in a store near you.