Shark Ninja is well known for their innovative, quality developments in cleaning and kitchen systems. They have an impeccable reputation for delivering great products with many uses, and the Ninja Master Prep is no exception. When you’re looking to get more nutrients into your diet, creates delicious meals, or make your job in the kitchen a little bit easier, the Ninja Master Prep is one of the best blender-food processors available to buy.

Shark Ninja offers some of the best prices on the market today, without sacrificing the quality of the product. Their quality has been proven by the rapid expansion of the company since it’s founding in 1993. They are now a household name across the globe, with headquarters in four different countries; Shark Ninja have turned themselves into a celebrity in the home solutions area.

With Shark Ninja, customers are guaranteed great service and products, without the excessive price tag of other top-tier kitchen solutions brands that are available currently.

Brand Overview:

For the past five years, Shark Ninja has been one of the most popular, fastest growing companies in America, being recognised in Inc. Magazines 5000 for five out of six years. The have a passion for designing and developing cutting edge technology to make food prep and kitchen work as easy as possible.

Since being founded in 1993, they have exported products to a worldwide audience, and have now built headquarters in countries such as the UK, the USA, and China.

Currently, Shark Ninja have developed a number of home ware products, such as vacuums, blenders, and food processors. They are one of the leading brands in each of their fields, and take pride in developing products with a variety of different uses to improve the lives of their consumers.

Shark Ninja is one of the leading brands in food preparation systems, and offer great prices on all of their quality Ninja kitchen systems.


 The Ninja Master Prep uses Quad Blade technology performs powerful and even cutting and blending, which it strong enough to cut through tougher vegetable skins, seeds, nuts, and ice.

 The blender function has a massive 48-ounce pitcher, with a pouring spout and non-slip base, perfect for making summer drinks and mixers.

 The food processor function purees, minces and chops all manner of fruits and vegetables to make food preparation quick, easy, and clean.

 All of the bowls are microwave safe, so you can store and heat food as you please.

 400 Watts provides enough power to cut through the toughest foods, and still produce a smooth, even consistency, even with frozen foods.

 Anti-spill splashguards ensure clean, spill free usage; so there is no need for excessive cleaning up.

 Pulse Technology evenly mixes ingredients to get a uniform chop or blend throughout the ingredients, eradicating big lumps and bumps.

 The easily interchangeable bowls and jugs makes using the Ninja Master Prep as easy as possible, so you can create as many dishes in one go as possible.

 All parts are dishwasher safe, meaning that clean up and washing are simple and easy. You can also be confident that the parts are heatproof, so the Ninja Master Prep can easily swap between hot and cold food without issue.


 The Ninja Master Prep only has one speed, so you have to be careful and vigilant in order to get the consistency that you desire.

 Many have found that it does not produce a completely smooth consistency; there may be some lumps leftover.

 Dissembling and assembling can be fiddly, and this is dangerous with the sharpness of the blades, so care and attention should be taken.

 Plastic can chip quite easily, making unsanitary cracks in the jug or bowl

 Some customers found that the blades had difficulty moving when the bowl or blender was very full.

 The top loading motor makes it difficult to add food when the motor is running.


 The Quad Blade Technology that the Ninja Mater Prep uses makes blending and processing quick and easy, whilst maintaining a perfectly even consistency.

 The powerful motors can easily cut through the toughest of foods, giving you free reign of ingredients when making smoothies, purees, and soups.

 Grips on the base of each bowl or pitcher make slips and spills far less likely, as well as providing a serving bowl or jug for drinks and soups.

 Wider bases mean that food can easily slip to the bottom to be caught and blended, yielding a much smoother, even texture to the food.

 Pulse technology mixes as the Ninja Master Prep blends, so caught food will be moved and blended, as well as creating an even chop or dice of vegetables and fruits when making dishes such as salsa.

 The Ninja Master Prep comes with everything you need to get started, as well as having extra accessories and additions available to purchase, making the Ninja Master Prep even more versatile and useful.

 Shark Ninja has been one of the recognised brands for fastest growth in the USA for the past five years, so you can be certain that the Ninja Master Prep will be as professional and efficient as the products which got Shark Ninja to the top in the first place.

 The Ninja Master Prep is very simple to clean, with dishwasher safe parts and a splash resistant lid, cleaning up is quick and easy.

If you’re looking for a quality food processor or blender, without having to pay extraordinary amounts, then the Ninja Master Prep is one of the best products on the market for a very reasonable price. Shark Master has one of the most impressive reputations in the kitchen solution market, so a high performance product is guaranteed.

Although there are a few issues with the lack of varying speeds and smoothness, there are also many redeeming qualities to the Ninja Master Prep. The power alone makes chopping all manner of foods easy and quick, without the mess of boards and knives when it comes to manual chopping.