Yet another Shark Ninja blender on the list, Ninja Professional Blender is one of the higher-powered blenders that Shark Ninja offer. The innovative technologies and 1000-watt motor give the Ninja Professional Blender the kick you need to provide delicious smoothies, as well as crush through ice and tough ingredients in order to get the smoothest drink possible. Whether you’re looking for a blender to help you incorporate healthier smoothies into your diet, or simply make food preparation a little bit simpler, the Ninja Professional Blender is definitely a great option to consider when looking to buy or replace your blender appliance.

Brand Overview:

Shark Ninja’s popularity is clear by the many products of theirs on this list. They have completely dominated the blender kitchen aid market, and have created some of the finest blenders available to purchase for home use.

Shark Ninja consistently look to improve and develop their designs, with the aim of making home life easier.


 The incredible 72-ounce capacity of the pitcher gives you plenty of room for any and all recipes that you wish to make.

 1000-watt commercial grade motor is perfect for blending tougher ingredients such as touch skins, stems, and ice.

 Shark Ninja’s six-blade technology leaves no ingredient unblended, so you get a smooth, even texture throughout your mixtures.

 BPA free materials make the Ninja Professional Blender completely safe to use for making baby foods and smoothies for younger children.

 Each part is dishwasher safe, making clean up simple and fast.

 The Ninja Professional Blender does not take up a lot of space, and cord storage makes the Ninja Professional Blender easy to hide or to put away, which is especially handy in smaller kitchens.

 Sleek design means that the Ninja Professional Blender will easily fit in with almost any kitchen style.

 The easy pour spout makes serving drinks easy and mess free, so you won’t have to worry about drips.

 Rubber feet make sure that the Ninja Professional Blender will not move or wobble as you blend, so spills and splashes are no issue.

 3 speeds allow you full control of how thick or creamy you want your smoothie to be.

 Pulse capability makes sure that no food gets missed, ensuring a smooth and even finish to your drinks.


 The Ninja Professional Blender can be very loud when running.

 The blades are incredibly sharp, and removing them can be quite fiddly. This can be hazardous and cause injury if care is not taken.

 Some have found that blending needs to be stopped part of the way through and the ingredients need to be mixed in order to get an even texture.

 The pitcher is made from plastic, and this can easily scratch or chip, and these grooves can be unhygienic for further uses.

 The Ninja Professional Blender’s blades can bend with frequent use blending tougher ingredients, and this can be hazardous and affect the capabilities of the blender.

 Some customers have found that it does not grind all ingredients into a pulp, smaller seeds and stalks can get left behind, leaving chunks and bits in the smoothie.

 The opening of the pour hole in the lid is quite small, so it is difficult to add extra ingredients whilst blending. This can be an issue in controlling the consistency of some recipes, as you need to stop blending part of the way through in order to add extra, larger ingredients.

 Many have found that the Ninja Professional Blender breaks within the year warranty.


 One year warranty provides full peace of mind should customers run into any issues with the Ninja Professional Blender that require repairs or replacements.

 Shark Ninjas specialist technologies ensure that drinks and recipes will be smooth and even, no matter what ingredients you use, or how tough they are.

 Shark Ninja’s Total Crushing Technology makes crushing ice simple and quick.

 BPA and dishwasher safe materials make the Ninja Professional Blender perfect for making foods for all the family, without excessive washing and cleaning up.

 The extra large capacity allows you to make beverages for all the family, as well as create leftovers to store and serve at a later time.

 Sleek, modern design means that the Ninja Professional Blender will easily fit in with any kitchen style, and the smaller size and cord storage means that it can be easily stored away out of sight.

 The Ninja Professional Blender comes with an inspiration guide to get you started with healthy smoothies and delicious recipes.

 Different speeds allow you to decide just how blended you want your ingredients to be, which is perfect for dips, sauces and salsas.

The Ninja Professional Blender is a powerful and versatile blender for home use. It easily pulverises the toughest of ingredients in seconds, and pulse features make sure that you receive the silkiest, even texture possible. The Ninja Professional Blender has a massive 72-ounce capacity, so making larger portions and leftovers is no issue, and with three available speeds you have full control over the texture and consistency of your recipe.

The main downside to the Ninja Professional Blender is the plastic pitcher and blades, as these can warp and scratch during use, which can cause unsanitary grooves and gaps in the machine. The blades are also incredibly sharp, and disassembly can be slightly fiddly, which is also hazardous as slipping can cause harm and injury.

Another downside is that the Ninja Professional Blender does not completely blend smoothies into a smooth texture, there are regularly some bits leftover, and this is an issue for some smoothie lovers who prefer a completely smooth consistency.

However, the Ninja Professional Blender is still one of the more powerful blenders available to buy, and the glowing reputation of Shark Ninjas products is unwavering with the Ninja Professional Blender. It’s sleek design and creative technologies make it simple to use, and very handy for making a multitude of different recipes.