Vitamix is one of the most popular kitchen aid manufacturers across the world in over one hundred countries, for both home and commercial use. The company has been passed from generation to generation for decades, and has produced some of the most well made, powerful blenders and food processors.

The Vitamix 1891 Blender is no exception to Vitamix’s impressive reputation of incredible quality and brilliant features. With amazing raw horsepower, a huge capacity, and cleverly pre-programmed settings, the Vitamix 1891 Blender is one of the best blenders available for both home and commercial usage.

Brand Overview:

The Vitamix Company was founded in 1921 when William Grover Barnard began travelling the country selling kitchen aids. Since then the family owned company has developed into one of the most popular kitchen appliance companies for both home and commercial use. Not only does Vitamix develop top quality blenders and food processors, it also produces innovative blenders which can create anything from frozen foods to bread dough.

The business has been passed down through the family for generations since 1921, and has stayed in the family until today. Their website features a heartfelt letter from the President of Vitamix describing the history of the Vitamix Company.

Their state-of-the-art, powerful blenders and family oriented business have made Vitamix a household name across America, and their products are sold worldwide in both gourmet restaurants and leading food chains. The versatility of the Vitamix products gives their customers great option and choice to suit any individual’s need.


 3 Pre-Programmed Settings for smoothies, soups, and frozen desserts allows automatic, hands free food processing, so you can multitask if you are cooking a larger meal with lots of elements.

 Pulse feature allows any trapped food to be dislodged and caught by the blade, creating a smooth texture throughout the mixture.

 64-ounce capacity gives you plenty of room for lots of ingredients, and the option of creating much larger quantities of food.

 BPA free materials make this blender safe for the whole family, so you can use it to make home made baby foods, as well as a whole variety of other foods.

 It is made with heatproof materials, which means that you can use the Vitamix 1891 Blender to make both hot and cold recipes.

 The two-part lid enables you to add ingredients whilst mixing, so you can decide exactly the consistency you want without having to stop the blender.

 Cleaning is quick and easy; simply mix dish soap and hot water on high for 30 seconds. There is no disassembly or risk of cracking in the dishwasher.

 A range of colours means that the Vitamix 1891 Blender will flawlessly fit in with your kitchen, no matter what the design.

 Commercial-grade 2-peak Horsepower motor effortlessly cuts through tough ingredients such as nuts and seeds, as well as ice.


 More expensive than other blenders on the market.

 Some have found that they get black specs in their drinks due to the breakdown of the seal. These will be ingested over time and can be hazardous to health.

 Some customers have found that the bottom of the jug leaks from time to time, creating an unnecessary mess.

 Customers have found that it can create an electrical burning smell. This can be indicative of a short circuit and is a serious hazard in potentially starting an electrical fire.

 The motors are quite loud as they blend, which many customers have complained about.

 The Vitamix 1891 Blender is exclusively a blender, it does not have any additions to serve as a food processor, so users are slightly limited with the capabilities of the blender.


 3 Pre-programmed settings give hands free, automatic capability.

 The extra large capacity gives you the option of creating larger batches for larger parties, or to store for later.

 Heatproof materials mean that you can cook hot recipes with the Vitamix 1891 Blender, so you can create hot soup to serve immediately.

 BPA free materials mean that the Vitamix 1891 Blender is safe to use for all ages.

 Cleaning has been made exceptionally quick and easy, without the need for dismantling and washing each individual part.

 The two-part lid allows for you to add ingredients as the blender works, making it easy to change consistency and recipe as you blend.

 The powerful motor easily pulverises tougher ingredients, making smooth nut butters and silky smoothies.

 A five-year warranty provides full peace of mind in case you need repairs or replacements.

 A 30-day guarantee means that you can get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

 The Vitamix 1891 Blender comes with it’s own recipe book to help inspire users with different recipes and options when starting out with the blender.

 Each product is handmade in the company headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, giving each appliance a personal touch.

Although the Vitamix 1891 Blender does not have food processor add ons, it is still an incredibly capable, multi-use blender. It powers through tough skins and stalks, as well as decimating ice without an issue, making it the perfect blender for all kinds of recipes and smoothies.

Vitamix’s reputation ensures you a great service and high-performance products, and the Vitamix 1891 Blender is no exception. The pre-set programmes offer hands-free, automatic functions for those who cook large or complex meals. The quick and easy cleaning means that you can very easily clean out the blender in between uses, without fiddly dismantling and cleaning, so you can quickly make multiple recipes.

Although there are complaints of the seal easily breaking down and a burning smell whilst using, the 5-year warranty swiftly replaces or fixes any issues that you may come into contact with when using the Vitamix 1891 Blender. Despite these issues, the Vitamix 1891 Blender is still currently one of the best on the market when you’re looking to invest in a new kitchen appliance, for both cooking and smoothies.